Life on the road... a digital account of the life and travels of Phillip.

I have decided that instead of sending out an e-journal with photos attached, I will simply publish here for all to view. I occasionally will send out an email with the latest link. This way I won't clog up your mailbox with attachments. It also has the advantage of building an ongoing story in an handy format that allows one to catch up or go back and revisit the past. If you are on my mailing list and prefer not to be; or if you are not and wish to added, write to

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April - May 2004 - Mexico City

April 2004 - Texas

February - March 2004 - Poland

December 2003 - January 2004 - Texas

October - November - 2003 - Poland

September - October 2003 - Egypt

March -July 2003 - Portugal, Poland and UK

January 2003 - Texas

December 2002 - Germany and Holland

November 2002 - Poland

October/November 2002 - Texas

September 2002 - Poland

August 2002 - Poland

July 2002 - Poland

June 2002 - Poland

May 2002 - England