Krakow: August 19, 2002




After taking the train from Wroclaw to Krakow, I stayed the night with Iwona and Peter in a house own by the Dominican Sisters. Here is Peter and Iwona with their bikes and gear out front of the house the next morning as we prepared to get on the road to Zakopane.



Hmmmm.... how do you get there from here?



A little help from the nice Sisters and we were on our way.



Iwona .... as we set off across Krakow.



THE SHRINE OF DIVINE MERCY We had to make a stop along the way out of Krakow to visit a new church in Lagiewniki that the Pope had consecrated a few days before. Peter and Iwona were still in a stste of religious fevor following their three week pilgrimage and had to make this one last stop. (Photo by Iwona)



At the same location was a chapel that had just been dedicated to a new saint ... or maybe something got lost in the translation. In any case there were a lot of other pilgrams visiting there also. After a brief visit, we got back on the road and left Krakow by bike. (Photo by Iwona)