Subject: E-journal 7/16

Goodmorning America :)

It's Sunday morning 7 AM Texas time. I am writing to you from... a hotel
room. Yes, we are really roughing it this time!
Yesterday, we drove all the way from the Grand Canyon to Raton, New Mexico.
It's about 90 miles away from the Texan Stateline.

On Wednesday we drove from Mount Whitney, CA to Zion National Park in Utah.
We parked right outside the National Park, on a dirt road (would you have
guessed?). An impression of the view can be seen in picture 662.

Zion has an interesting policy: they have certain trails you can take the
dog on. Good news, you would say. Well, yes, but they also don't allow you
to drive to those trails by car. They have a shuttle system installed to
reduce the impact of traffic on the ecological system. No dogs are allowed
on the shuttle. So, how are we supposed to get to the trails?
The ranger at the entrance did not really give us a straight answer.
We drove through the part of the park where we were still allowed by car.
That in and of itself was definitely worth it: unbelievably beautiful.

From there we moved on to Bryce National Park. I have a feeling I am
beginning to sound boring when I say that it was magnificent as well.
Therefore, I will let you decide for yourself .


That night we slept in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument,
right next to the Grosvenor Arch. After having seen all the beauty of Zion
and Bryce we were not too impressed with the biggest Arch in Utah. That's
what happens when you are getting spoiled...

From there we took a 30 mile long dirt road on our way to the Grand Canyon.
It was fun! We were not the only people on the road, and several cars
stopped while passing us to ask when the pavement was going to begin. LOL.
Apparently, they were not exactly expecting to have this much fun on  a
dirt road.

And finally we made it to the Grand Canyon. We went to the North Rim.
As I child I never thought I would ever make it to the Grand Canyon.
It was regularly mentioned in our geology classes and I was truly intruiged by it.
Well, here I am:


Well, I better quit writing if we want to make it home tonight.
We have a long boring trip ahead of us (7 hours in Texas, remember?).

Hugs to all,

Ilse (& Phillip)