Subject: E-journal 7/8

Hi everyone,

It's time for another E-journal entry. We are in California right now,
leaving the Redwood National Park, where we stayed overnight at the Flint
Ridge, facing the Pacific Ocean. If only the fog had worked with us, we
would have had a gorgeous scenery in the morning.
However, we shouldn't complain. Yesterday we drove all along the Oregon
coastline. The sky was bright blue and we could see for miles and miles
across the Pacific Ocean. (see picture of the coastline, picture 630).
As I mentioned in my previous mail, we met Debi on Thursday evening. Ron
was right, we really did enjoy getting to know her. She offered us her
place to stay, which we did (the last chance to sleep in a 'real' bed for a
while :). That evening we chatted way too long, which made getting up early
in the morning hard.

After driving all day, Phillip treated me for my birthday with a special
dinner: seafood, fresh from the fishing boat! He knows how to make his girl
happy :) It was the best seafood I had eaten in years.
Dallas isn't exactly the right place to get fresh seafood...

The biggest birthday gift was about to come: an extraordinary sunset.
The sunbeams lit up the fog that was moving inland. I had
NEVER seen anything like this before. It made us both speechless.


This morning we went for a hike among the 'Sequoia sempervirens' trees
(ever living trees). They live up to 2000 years (see picture 645). Notice
the ferns on the ground. They were everywhere, making the place look like a
rainforest. The humidity caused by the fog added nicely to that impression.

Now we are on our way to Lake Tahoe. We are not quite sure whether we will
make it by dark. It's about 300  miles away and we had a late start.

It may take a few days before we will be able to send out another
e-journal. Until July 11 we will be in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National
Park. BTW It's Phillip's birthday on Tuesday :)

Hugs to all,

Phillip and Ilse