Subject: E-journal 7/6

Hi everyone,

We're on the road again!
We left Steve and Allena's house around 8 AM yesterday morning, up to Mount
Rainier (see picture). And this time we made it.
The Cascade Mountain Range in Washington is getting to be right up there
with Jackson, Wyoming for me. Gorgeous!

We drove to Paradise on Mount Rainier. Phillip had some fond memories of
this place and really wanted to revisit it. He said that the place is like
paradise, with all its wildflowers. However, it turned out that we were a
couple of weeks early to see the flowers. Because there were lots of
tourists and Sweetie Pie was not allowed on the trail, we decided to move
on to the neighboring Gifford Pinchot National Forest. There we went on
Forest Road 1270 and camped close to the Backbone Lake trailhead. After
taking a long nap we went for a hike on the trail.

After sleeping in until 7:30 AM we left for Mount St. Helens. This volcano
not just erupted but exploded on May 18, 1980. We saw some of the
devastation that this explosion caused: stems of cracked, singed dead trees
were everywhere.

Right now we are in Oregon, driving towards the coastline, where we will
meet with Debi. Her name was given to us by a friend, who knows her very
well and he said that we would like getting to know her.

Well, I am going to enjoy the scenery now. Oregon is very beautiful. Oh,
and by the way: it is illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas. If they catch
you doing it, you have to pay a 1000 dollar fine!


Phillip and Ilse