Subject: E-journal 7/4

Happy 4th of July to all of you!

Finally I have a free moment to write. Yes, it has been a few days. We were
busy :)

On our way to Mount Ranier we decided to keep going towards Seattle
instead. We had a little problem with our truck and thought it would not be
fun to break down on the way up the mountain. So, instead we called up our
dear friend Rianna and stayed over at her place for the night, catching up
talking during the evening.

On Thursday we left West Seattle to go to the Double Tree hotel where
Living in Leather took place. We got to meet Steve and Allena, with whom
Rianna has a very close relationship. They are really great people. We did
not get to interact with them very much until yesterday evening, when we
came to their house and spent the following day with them in their hot tub :)
We can see why Rianna loves them as much as she does :)

LIL was great.The Seattle folk really put on a great conference. We met a
whole bunch of very interesting people and got to hang out with our dear
friends from Dallas. BTW: we did not get to say goodbye to you. We'll see
you all after July 16. We'll be home a day later because we decided to hang
out with Rianna, Steve and Allena one more day.

Phillip and I DM'd 2 of the 3 play parties we went to and saw a lot of
interesting people and scenes going on.
I did not attend a lot of workshops (as usual) but I did go to the one on
polyamory, led by Rianna and Steve. The attendees were very active and a
lot of very good suggestions were put forward during the workshop.

Tomorrow we'll be leaving town again. Change is always hard for me and I
feel sad to leave all these great people behind. But, then I think about
what is ahead of me, and I am all happy again :)

We haven't yet solved our problem with the inverter for the laptop but will
be doing that soon.

Love to you all,
Ilse & Phillip