Subject: E-journal 6/28

Hi everyone,

My, oh my. Our lovely laptop has decided that he doesn't like our inverter
box anymore. This means: first I have to find a place that will let me use
their outlet, and then I can write my email. Thus, here I am, sitting in
the restaurant of the Flying J in Spokane, Idaho, drinking my orange juice
while typing my report to all of you :)

We have been all over the place since the last time I wrote to you. After
leaving the Flaming Gorge, we drove towards Wyoming, with the intentions of
visiting Yellowstone National Park. The drive itself was just wonderful, my
favorite thusfar (not Phillip's I believe). When we got to Jackson,
Wyoming, we stopped at the visitor center to get the roadmaps of
Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. The Grand Teton is a park just
South of Yellowstone. There, the park ranger told us NOT to go to
Yellowstone and NOT to camp at the regular campsites. Instead, she told us
about her 'secret' place along the river where she goes camping all the
time. No people, no campsites, no nothing except for... the river and the
trees and the wildlife. We drove about 10 miles on the dirt road away from
society, and found a nice quite place along the river. SweetiePie could
hardly wait to.... no, not to play ball, but her other favorite thing to
do, swim in the river.

At night we sat in our comfortable chairs, and looked at the stars. No
light pollution! How amazing.
In the morning we woke up at 5 AM to watch the wildlife that came for a
drink by the river. We did not see too much, only a couple of deer.

Then, we left for Yellowstone. We had to drive through the park to get to
our next destination. And the lady was right: Yellowstone will remain in
our memories as a toasted place, with plenty of dead trees, remnants of the
fires in 1988. The roads reminded us of the traffic on 635 at rush hour,
and the parking lots of the Galleria the day before Christmas. Needless to
say we got out of there as fast as we could.
Up to Montana, where we camped at the most remote, wild place we had ever
been. Phillip truly got  a kick of it. Once again, we drove down the dirt
roads, by the river, until we saw another dirt road carrying the name 'Flat
Creek Road'. We took it in the hope of finding a spot by the creek.
Instead, the road climbed up higher and higher until we almost hit the top
of the mountain. And there it was: THE place for us to camp.

When you take a close look at the trees, you will notice the sudden downward
slope of the mountain a couple of feet away from me.

From here we are going to Mount Rainier, Washington (if we make it). That
means: I will have to quit writing and get going again.

This trip is truly wonderful, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Hugs to all,
(& Phillip)