Subject: E-journal 6/25/00

Hi everyone,

It is Sunday evening, 9PM.

We drove all the way from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Yesterday we
traveled through the Rocky Mountains National Park ~ A MUST SEE for those
who haven't been) (see picture) , and traveled even longer trying to find a
camping spot to spend the night. All the campgrounds were full. So, we
decided to pick a spot where we weren't supposed to camp and take the risk
of getting thrown out... which didn't happen.

Oh lucky us. The scenery that awaited us in the morning was just gorgeous :
there it was: the lake (I don't know exactly which one) with high mountains
in the background.

We broke up camp, after Sweetie Pie visited with the neighbors' dog (they
had the same idea as we did: just stop for the night where you did not see
anyone else parked).
He was quite aggressive and not very happy with her attendance. So, Sweetie
Pie decided to make him jealous with... her ball :)

We arrived in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area a couple of hours ago.
We did some 'skinny dipping' in the lake (see picture), had dinner, set up
our bed for the night and played ball with Sweetie Pie who had way too much
energy from sleeping in the truck all day.


It is quite, no one else is around, only the birds and the fish (and
probably some deer, but we haven't seen them yet). The silence is
wonderful, as well as the singing of the birds, and the movements of the
water in the lake. (see pictures).

The sun has set, it is time to go to bed,

Sweet dreams,

Ilse (and Phillip)

A note from Phillip:
Here is a photo of Ilse typing the e-journal on her laptop.
Note our camping arrangement, we slept in the back of the truck.
We took our comfy foldup chairs, it was all very spartan and efficient.