Subject: E-journal 6/24/00

Hi everyone,

Yet another E-journal? Yes, indeed!
We are on the road again...
This time we are heading west, towards Seattle.

We left the house yesterday morning at 8:15 AM. We had loaded the truck in
the evening, Sweetie Pie included (she was not going to let us take off
without taking her!), which made the departure in the morning relatively
We had a long drive ahead of us: the destination was Denver, Colorado,
about 780 miles from Dallas.

The drive through West Texas was quite boring. That's why we HAD to stop
when we finally saw the sign " Welcome to New Mexico" (see picture), about
7 hours and 478 miles later.

From then on the views became increasingly better, especially once we
entered Colorado (see picture).

We spent the night at Terry's house. Some of you will probably remember
her: we spent quite a bit of time together when she was visiting her
brother in Dallas for a couple of months. She attended quite a few poly
functions and was at our December party.
Well, now she is living in Denver, CO. It was great to see her again. This
afternoon we will all go to a poly picnic in Boulder, CO.
Afterwards we'll move on to the Rocky Mountains National Park and try to
find a place to camp.

That's it for now, more to follow.


Ilse (and Phillip)