Phillip and Ilse's Great Adventure (Part1)

Summer 2000

E-journal - 5th entry June 8, 2000


It is pretty late, and I am really tired so it will have to be a short
email :)

Tomorrow (Friday) is our last day in Louisville, we will be heading back to
Texas in the afternoon.

Yesterday, we had a pretty exciting time. We were invited to spend the
night at the house of someone Phillip ran into earlier in the day. They
apparently had a nice chat, and Phillip and Sam spent the majority of the
afternoon together. Sam and his wife, Kelly, had a big house, with an
appartment in the basement. This is where we got to stay. Sam was a
veterinary. He and his wife love animals: they had about 6 dogs, 4 birds
(crow, parrot, etc.) and a few cats. Of course, we did not hesitate to ask
him all kinds of questions about our sweethearts, especially about the
problems that Ezan experienced earlier this month. Sam was quite helpful.

Tonight we had a 'last supper' :) with our friends from the Louisville poly
group. We are spending the night at the house of one poly family.

We have a long drive back ahead of us and are looking forward to seeing you
all soon,

Ilse (& Phillip).