Phillip and Ilse's Great Adventure (Part1)

Summer 2000

E-journal - 4th entry June 4, 2000

Hello dear friends,

First I want to thank the person who invented the extension cord. I am
sitting in my chair by the lake, with my laptop in my lap :). I am enjoying
the sunshine and the light breeze of Kentucky. The computer is plugged into
the cigaret lighter of the truck... Isn't technology wonderful?

Yes, we're back in Kentucky now. We had an enjoyable weekend in West
Virginia with the polys from the East coast. We hiked to the top of the
Seneca Rocks (see picture) and had a nice campfire on Saturday evening.


We were planning on going caving on Sunday morning but had a late start.
We decided to start packing our stuff (see picture) and begin our route back to Kentucky.


We are at one of the lakes in Daniel Boone National Forest,
not too far away from Lexington (see picture).


Sweetie Pie is having a blast. She made a lot of friends during the
campout, who all played ball with her until she was tired. Yes believe it
or not, she got tired this time. She swam in the creek by the campground
(she even wandered off by herself once, and I found her sitting by the
creek). And she wouldn't be Sweetie Pie if she did not dominate the two other dogs
who were at the campout. Luckily, both dogs did not want to get into a
fight with her to decide who would be the alpha dog this weekend, and she
ran around as the little queen of Seneca Rocks.
Today, she could hardly wait to play ball in the lake. One of the water
snakes in the lake decided to grant Phillip with a visit. Luckily it was a
quick one, he actually did not pay any attention to Phillip at all.

The weekend in West Virginia was a little bit too short to really get to
know the people in the group well. However, we did get a chance to talk to
several people there. The majority of the people there were organizers of
the poly groups in their regions. It gave us the sense of a poly community
at a more national level. We shared experiences and learned a lot from them
regarding building a community.

This afternoon we will drive to Lexington, to visit with our friends Deb
and Matt (who organized the poly weekend last week). Tomorrow, I have to be
in the lab at the University of Louisville again. I will work with them
until the end of the week.

We are having a great time, but we miss seeing our friends. Hope all is
well with you, we'll be back home in a week,

Ilse (and Phillip)