Phillip and Ilse's Great Adventure (Part1)

Summer 2000

E-journal - 3rd entry June 1, 2000

Hello everyone

I am sitting in a laundrymat in Huntington, West Virginia and thought that
this was the perfect time to compose another report on our trip.
We had an exciting week in Kentucky. First, we attended the 'Poly Wanna
Potluck' (PWP) party at Matt and Deb's place. The whole weekend was very
relaxed, we hung out, talked to a lot of people about poly issues, sat in
the hot tub and had conversations about philosophy and cognitive science.
Quite an amazing group of people. We met people from Indianapolis,
Cincinnatti, Nashville, Louisville, Lexington and other places that I can't
remember right now. On Sunday evening there was a wonderful bonfire, and
Matt, the host, told us some ghost stories.
On Monday Matt spoiled me with his incredibly relaxing massage that went on
for more than 2 hours.
Anyone jealous yet ?:)

On Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM the serious work began. Over the next 2 days,
I had appointments scheduled with several people at the University of
Louisville. The meetings went very well. Next week, I will be up there for
a couple more days.

Phillip says it wouldn't be an adventure if we did not deviate from our
itinerary. Having completed my meetings in Louisville, we decided to leave
on Wednesday afternoon for West Virginia and to make a stop at Daniel Boone
National Forest, where we drove through the Red River Gorge and stayed
overnight at one of the campings in the National Forest.


As the picture shows, the forest is just gorgeous! The Devil Canyon was breathtaking.


Right now we are on our way to a second poly meeting, this time in Seneca
Rocks, West Virginia.
We are looking forward to meeting a whole new set of people!