Phillip and Ilse's Great Adventure (Part1)

Summer 2000

E-journal - 2nd entry May 27, 2000

Hi everyone,

We made it safely to Kentucky.
On Thursday evening we spent the night in Reetfoot Lake State Park in Tennessee (see picture).


We were lucky: we made it there in time to get the last camping spot
available for the night... and  we were not so lucky: this state park was
very 'touristy' (that's why we had the last spot). Not exactly what we were
looking for, but hey, we were just spending the night there. Early in the
morning, Phillip woke me up with the message that it was going to rain
heavily in ten minutes. Meaning: get out of bed as soon as you can and
start loading the truck. Which we did, just in time...
Indeed, raining it did: it rained all the way from Tennessee to 40 miles
before Louisville. I began to be afraid that Kentucky would be just like
Belgium: rain, rain and.. rain. But, then the sun came out.
This weekend we are getting to know some folks from the
Louisville/Lexington area. A weekend-long social gathering of the poly
people in Louisville is taking place and we are attending their party.
Thusfar, we have met some really nice people, and the atmosphere is very
relaxed and cosy. in other words: we are having a real good time!

Well, it's time to take SweetiePie for a long walk.... She is being such a
good girl :)

Phillip and Ilse