Phillip and Ilse's Great Adventure (Part1)

Summer 2000

E-journal - 1st entry May 25, 2000

Hello everyone, Ilse here.

Phillip and I are on vacation! We are on our way to Kentucky, where I will
be visiting a lab at the University of Louisville (Yes, I will get some
work done :) More details on our trip itinerary...

I am writing to you on my laptop driving down Interstate 40 towards Little
Rock, Arkansas. We will be keeping an e-journal about our adventures, and
keep you updated...
We spent the night in the Ozark National Forest, amidst the ticks and bugs.
We have been driving for almost 2 days now, and Sweetie Pie is still liking
it :)
Yesterday evening we hiked the White Rock Rim Loop Trail. According to the
author of our hiking book, it is one of the most scenic hikes in Arkansas.
This morning we went back to the trailhead to take some pictures.



Last night we had a thunderstorm like I had never experienced before. It
seemed as if someone was turning  the light switch on and off REALLY fast
while someone else was playing the drums, non-stop. It lasted for several

From Little Rock we will be driving to Memphis, Tennessee.

Phillip and Ilse