Ilse and Phillip's Great Adventure (Part1)

Ilse and will be taking two trips this summer. First, as outlined below, we are going to Kentucky and West Virginia.
Then we will be taking off for a month long expedition to Seattle, Washington via the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone N.P. and returning via California and southern Utah. Details TBA.


While on the road we can be reached by cell phone.
214-457-8957 or 214-552-3730
We will also be checking our email at least several times a week.

From Dallas take I30 east to Texarkana. Turn north onto 59/71 to Mena and continue north on 71. Turn off 71 onto 23 going east to I40. Go WEST on I40 to exit 24, turn north on 215. Detailed directions to White Rock Mountain Recreation Area found in Arkansas Hiking Trails  p.52. Camp for the night.

Early morning hike: White Rock Rim Loop, 2.1 miles

Return to I40, go east, go through Little Rock, to Memphis (5 hrs). Take 51 north to Dyersburg, turn north onto 78, then east onto 21 to Reelfoot State Park. Camp for night.

From Reelfoot S.P. go east on 21, turn northeast onto 22 to Union City. Take 51 north to Fulton, KY. Road changes to 45W/51, go to intersection of I24, go east to Kuttawah and turn onto Western Kentucky Parkway towards  Lexington.

Western KY parkway leads to the Bluegrass parkway. You take it until it stops on Versailles Rd., (just between Versailles and Lexington), turn right towards Lexington, turn right on Man O War, drive about 1/3 of the way around the city, turn right on Nicholasville Rd., Drive about 5 miles, turn left on Vince Rd., drive one and 1/4 miles, it is a big white house on the left with a lot of cars around it.

PWP Conference
Nicholasville KY
contact: Matt Hisle
800 726 5795 or 859 887 5795

Louisville, KY
Camp site undetermined
contact: Dennis Molfese
University of Louisville
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

From Louisville, take 60 east to Frankfort, Take 460 east to Mount Sterling, turn east onto I64. Take I64 east to Charleston, WV. Take I64/77 south to 60. Follow 60 southeast to the tiny town of Chamarco and turn north on 20. At Fenwick, 20 turns west and becomes 20/55, go to Webster Springs and turn east onto 15.  Follow 15 to 55. Go north on 55 until Elkins, then 55 turns east. At Harman turn east on 33, go to Seneca Rocks.

Once near Seneca Rocks -- there is a T intersection where 55 and 33 meet right at Seneca Rocks, with a country store / restaurant complex on the south side of the road. Just north of this intersection, on the west side of 55 is the entrance to Princess Snowbird campground. If you see teepees or parrots you are in the right place <g>.  Yokum's Vacationland office, where you register for cabins or camping, is a mile or two north of this intersection.

TriState Poly Family Campout
Seneca Rocks, WV
Yokum's Campground
(Princess Snowbird Campground)
(304) 567-2351

Drive back to Louisville, KY
Camp site undetermined

Louisville, KY
Camp site undetermined
contact: Dennis Molfese
University of Louisville
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Return to Texas
Route unknown