Death Valley Photos -Wildrose Peak

Wildrose Peak is a the second highest peak in the Panamint Mountains overlooking Death Valley. The peak lies at an altitude of 9,064'.

On the trail near the top of Wildrose Peak, a tremendous view of Death Valley and the mountains beyond are seen back to the east. 


Ilse with her backpack at the trailhead in Wildrose Canyon. The trail up to Wildrose Peak has a gain of 2,294' in 4.2 miles. Seems easy... except for the backpack. 


A view from high up on Wildrose Mountain. Beyond the lower, snow sprinkled ridges of Wildrose lies Death Valley. 


Ilse struggling up the trail to Wildrose Peak. She is a brave lady. 


Phillip on the trail up to Wildrose Peak. Wildrose Canyon leading back to the Panamint Valley is seen in the background.