Big Bend - December 1999

Day 4 - Ernst Tinaja and Pine Canyon


The Chisos Mountains glowing pink at sunrise seen from our camp near Ernst Tinaja. 


Ilse with Ezan and Sweetie Pie at our campsite near Ernst Tinaja. 


Phillip wearing his PJ bottoms and winter coat. Morning meditation. 


Phillip and Sweetie Pie. 


We walked back up the wash in the early morning light before the sun had risen high 
enough to light up the wash. The colors are quite different than in the evening. 


The rocks form basins that hold water from rains. Some of the tinajas are spring fed and don't go dry. 


The rocks were really cool. The wash turns into a narrow gorge. 
We followed it until we came to a place we could not pass without wading through deep cold water. 
Vowing to return in warmer weather, we retraced our steps to camp. 
Later we drove on down Old Ore Road until we came to its southern end where it joins the highway. 


That afternoon, we took the primitive road to Pine Spring Canyon. 


Here is the rocky outcrop on the hillside we climbed  the year before. 
I remember the view from there. It was the first hike we ever made in Big Bend. 


The view to the south from the Pine Spring Canyon trailhead at sunset.