Big Bend -  December 1999

Day 3 - Old Ore Road, Alto Relex, and Ernst Tinaja


A pouroff on Alto Relex along the Old Ore Road. 
We parked along the road and hiked up the wash to the base of the pouroff. 
You can see a tiny Phillip in his red jacket up on a rocky outcrop along the way.

 An ancient yucca grows in the wash.

Near the base of the pouroff we turned to admire the view back to the west. 
The Chisos Mountains can be seen in the distance beyond the narrow gorge that drains the pouroff. 


Alto Relex viewed from Old Ore Road. 


In the far distance, a view of the Sierra Del Carmen across the border in Mexico. 
Nearer, the dark ridgeline of the Dead Horse Mountains rises above the desert. 


We arrived at our next camp late in the day. The camp is located near Ernst Tinaja. Tinaja is Spanish for "earthen jar." 
We hiked up the wash that leads to Ernst Tinaja as the sun dropped low in the sky making our shadows long and thin.


Ilse sits along the slanted rock formation along the wash. 


We watched as the sun set into the west, illuminating the weirdly shaped and varied colored rock walls. It is a fantastic place. 


OK, so its the same as above, but it was really cool. My photos fall short of capturing the moment.