Big Bend -  December 1999

Day 2 - McKinney Springs and Telephone Canyon


An early morning view from above McKinney Springs with the Chisos Mountains in the background. 
Tamarisk trees can be seen surrounding the area of the springs. The springs provide water for animals living there. 


Similar to above, with a single blooming lechugilla in the foreground. 


Ilse modeling the latest in outdoor fashion wear ;-) 


The sun finally rises above the hills to the east and casts bright morning sun onto a prickly pear cactus. 


Our campsite down in the wash of McKinney Springs with the ancient Chisos in the distance. 


Later in the day we have moved camp to the Telephone Canyon site. This view from our campsite 
shows the large rock formation called Alto Relex.  Telephone Canyon actually lies on the far side of Alto Relex. 
Our campsite is named for the canyon because there is a trailhead there which marks the beginning the trail 
that leads into Telephone Canyon. The following shots are along the trail. 


Along the Telephone Canyon trail. 


The long rays of the winter sun in late afternoon. 


A rocky, cactus covered hillside bathed in golden light. 


The shadows quickly became long as the sun fell behind the hills. 


A last view of the late afternoon high desert. 


As the sun set we made our way back down the trail to settle into our camp for the night.