Building a house trailer

Ok, so you are seeing images of white trash trailer parks, etc... Well friends, I plan to build a high class, deluxe, white trash trailer house. No, not a "Mobile Home", though it will be a mobile home; it will be permanently trailered. No, not your average lightweight travel trailer, this baby will be solid and heavy duty.

I was inspired by some nice hippy school bus conversions and truck houses. I initially planned to do a truck house but then decided to separate the motor from the house. There are pros and cons to both, but since I decided to put so much into the house and it will be moved only occasionally, it made sense to make a trailer. This also allowed me to customize the chassis.

The overall description is as follows: Trailer house built on steel 20,000lb flatbed trailer chassis. Overall enclosed length 40 feet, width 102 inches. Conventional 2x4 type wood frame construction, with beefed up bracing and insulation. Exterior will have natural cedar siding with standing seam type metal pitched roof. Flooring will be porcelain tile and hardwoods and walls will be tile or natural cedar and redwood. The windows will all be custom leaded stained and beveled glass. The bathroom will have an oversized cast iron tub with brass eagle claw feet, and there will be a cast iron wood burning stove in the main room. The kitchen will have full size appliances. The will be dual, interelated power systems, 12V and 120V. Shore power, a battery bank, solar panels, inverter and a 5500 watt propane generator all provide energy options. There is a 2-ton under the floor central air conditioner which can be powered by 120V shore power or the generator.

This is work in progress, but as the photos below show, I have made some progress. I have performed almost all the work by myself. I appreciate the help I had on a few days to do extra heavy tasks. While I had done some rough carpentry framing in the past, much of the work has required that I learn new trade skills as I go; welding, sandblasting, painting, tile work, finish carpentry and more. It has been an adventure so far.

Step 1 - Materials and Tools
Step 2 - Trailer Frame Construction
Step 3 - Wood Frame House Construction
Step 4 - Siding and Floors
Step 5 - Door and Windows
Step 6 - Raising the Roof
Step 7 - Door and Windows
Step 8 - Door and Windows
Step 9 - Door and Windows
Steps 10,11,12... - Work in Progress

Here are some of the sources that have inspired me. In particular, Roger Beck's book "Some Turtles Have Nice Shells" is great.

Here are some others: